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Do you want to collaborate with enthusiastic UX/UI designer whose main aim to get the effective and efficient result?

About me

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Hi, my name is Aya!

My interests include user experience and user interface design. In other words, I'm eager to improve the user perception of the product. I try to apply step-by-step my communication skills, passion, creativity and initiativity at all stages of the design process.
I'm open to challenging tasks, innovative solutions, new experience and enthusiastic work


university of tampere

Master Degree in Human-Technology Interaction
University of Tampere, Finland

karaganda state technical university

Bachelor degree of System for information system
Karaganda State Technical University
Institute of computer technologies and system engineering, Kazakhstan

My skills

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Project - Orienteering event

This project was part of the university course - Project work. The product was NFC-based orienteering application for smartphones. The purpose of this app is running orienteering event settled down in advance with the tags specified on the map. The user is able to go through all NFC control points and finish the track at any time

Duty: design of user interface

Color your time: from idea to the action

Our life is busy and sometimes even mobile devices cannot notify us when we need finish any activity in time. For this reason, we developed the idea of mobile app which shows how many times left. The main difference from other competitors is that notification can be displayed at any surface with projector.
Such device can be used at sport, studying, meeting or even at presentation for telling person about time limit without any stress. During research and testing, it was discovered that various colors and view of time limit impacts on user and his motivation. Therefore, Color Your Time suggests the options of colors and time view for user's preferences. Moreover, the progess bar can be displayed in increasing and decreasing view displaying not only how many time is left, but also how long user devoted his/her time on task completion.

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Projection of Color your time on the wall with mobile projector
projection on the wall of Color your time

User interface for washing machine

Task: create touch user interface for washing machine.
There are four programs with different parameters

  • Cotton
  • Delicate
  • Sport
  • Quick

including such cycles as

  • Washing
  • Rinsing
  • Spining

Interaction: User can choose program by tapping areas
Feedback: representation of chosen program on the screen

ui of washing machine

Brochure for Karaganda State Medical University

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interface 3
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+77021882911 (Kazakhstan)

+358466133567 (Finland)